Pest Facts

Brown/Dark Grey
Life Span:
12-18 months
House mouse (most common) and Field Mouse

Pest Information

Mice are one of the most common pests the Armourpest technicians come across daily. We have great knowledge of their habits and talk our clients through each stage of our treatments ensuring we help to put your mind at ease.

We use the most effective methods and products to treat all infestations. We use highly effective baits, contact gels/dusts and traps where required, also looking at any proofing recommendation to help prevent future infestation.

Armourpest look at each individual premises separately and adapt our services best to treat that infestation.

Domestically we will commonly put a treatment plan together. We will provide a full online treatment report after each of our visits to ensure our clients are kept up to date with what has been carried out and any recommendations. We offer our service to individual households, managing agents, block management companies and landlords.

Commercially we can offer treatment plans and even a service management programme best to support your business. We provide our clients with an onsite pest management file and we supply an online treatment report after each inspection, providing all information regarding our treatment, pictures relevant to our treatment and any recommendations we may have.

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