Pest Facts

Worker wasps will usually be between 12-17mm
Yellow and Black
Nest Size:
A nest will start the size of a golf ball and grow quickly to the size of a basket ball and bigger

Pest Information

Wasps are seasonal pests that are aggressive and seem to exist just to irritate and sting us. Their yellow and black appearance is designed to warn away potential predators and they are highly evolved, living in complex social structures. If you are unfortunate enough to end up with a wasps nest on your property (typically in a roof space, loft, shed, air brick or even underground), you’ll be plagued, especially after their young have been reared and they turn to seeking out sweet food which is abundant in towns and cities. We strongly advise against trying to treat yourself as wasps will sting and can cause major irritation and if your allergic can require hospital treatment. Armourpest have many years of experience and we use the best techniques whether using effective insecticide dust or sprays, we will locate the nest and destroy it. If the nest is accessible then we will also remove the nest as part of our treatment. Armourpest look at each individual premises separately and adapt our services best to treat that infestation.

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