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Types of Moth:
Common Clothes Moths, Indianmeal Moths and Brown House Moths

Pest Information

There are 3 main species of moths which you may find in your home or business – Common Clothes Moths, Indianmeal Moths and Brown House Moths.

Clothes Moths: although the adults do no damage the larvae love to eat wool, hair, fur and feathers. This is why you’ll often find holes within your jumpers, cardigans and carpets if there are clothes moths in your home.

Brown House Moths you can easily spot because they actually prefer running along the ground to flying. They are a golden bronze colour and like their cousins, Clothes Moths, adults and their larvae like to eat wool, hair, fur, feathers, cork and dried food debris and may be found in lofts feeding from old birds’ nests.

Indianmeal Moths like to set up their homes in food cupboards, feeding on flour, cereals, oats and other similar dry products. They will enter unknowingly via shops.

All types of moths are identified by their own markings, Armourpest will quickly identify and put a treatment plan together best to eradicate the infestation. Armoupest technicians will talk you through all stages of the treatments and we will also provide a fact sheet for you to follow where required. This type of pest requires both Armourpest and our clients to work together following all guidelines to ensure our clients get the best treatments possible.

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