Feral Pigeons

Pest Facts

Nest size:
A female pigeon will lay between 1 and 3 eggs

Pest Information

With many years of experience carrying out proofing within car parks, train stations, roof tops, balconies, around solar panels and many other areas pigeons may infest. Armoupest use a variety of proofing methods including netting, pin and wire, spiking and made to measure mesh installation. We also offer full clearance and cleaning of pigeon guano, using safe methods to ensure that the pigeon guano is removed safely and professionally, especially in households when pigeons have infested lofts.

The introduction of solar panels to roof tops has proven an ideal area for pigeons to infest. Armourpest ensure we cut all mesh to size and we secure the mesh using solar panel clips so that their is no drilling into the panels and the mesh is secured to provide long term security to prevent pigeons nesting under the panels.

Although the killing of pigeons is licenced by law and used in exceptional circumstances, Armourpest have a variety of proven effective methods to rid you of the problem and bird proof your home or business to prevent future problems.

Armourpest offer a free survey and quotation to provide both our domestic and commercial clients with all the informtion regarding the type of proofing and method of installation to remove the pigeons from your premises.

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