Pest Facts

Types of Flies:
Common House Fly, Fruit Fly, Drain/Filter Fly, Bluebottle Fly, Cluster Fly

Pest Information

Flies come in many shapes and sizes and some are more common than others. Whether you are suffering from blue bottles due to a dead rodent, fruit flies around a bar or filter flies from a drainage issue the most important part of any fly infestation is to quickly identify the source of the problem. Armourpest can identify the type of fly infestation, put together a treatment plan and provide advice on how to prevent the flies from returning.

Armourpest can also provide businesses with Electric Fly Killers along with a full service plan. Armourpest can also supply and install made to measure fly screens.

Armourpest looks at each individual premises separately and we adapt our services best to treat that infestation. Domestically we will commonly put a treatment plan together. Commercially we can offer treatment plans and even a service management programme best to support your business.

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