Pest Facts

Garden Ants are a summer pest
Mating season:
Garden Ants will mate from June to September
Colony size:
Colonies contain a single queen and average from 4000-7000 worker ants

Pest Information

Black Garden Ants are most common in the summer within the UK and most likely to set up home in your property. Ants will build a nest somewhere safe and dark, either underground in your garden or sometimes within wall cavities. You can spot an ant’s nest in your garden by the little piles of earth close to the entrance or simply by watching them moving back and forth from the nest entrances. Although ants are not dangerous to us or pets, they are rather unpleasant, especially when they swarm as flying ants during the summer mating season. Armourpest technicians will quickly inspect and treat ant infestations using the best insecticide relevant to the infestation we find. Whether your premises are domestic or commercial Armourpest look at each individual premises separately and adapt our services best to treat that infestation.

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