Bed Bugs

Pest Facts

Females will lay 1-5 egg per day
Beds and close to feed

Pest Information

Bed bugs are a blood feeding pest and can cause major distress within a household. Bed bugs can easily be spread due to their hitchhiking nature. With travel common for social and work requirements bed bugs can be transferred. Also due to house shares and other community housing, infestations can quickly spread within a premises. It is a common misconception that if you remove the mattress then you remove the problem. Armourpest technicians have experience of eradicating bed bugs and we provide our clients with fact sheets to ensure we work together giving as much information as possible to ensure the infestation is eradicated quickly. Armourpest use the best insecticides and methods to ensure our clients get the best treatments possible.

Armourpest can provide our service to both residential and commercial premises. We have many years of experience within the hotel industry providing advice and treatments where required to eradicate bed bug infestations quickly. We also provide a fast and effective service to mangiing agents and landlords to ensure their tenants have any bed bug infestations eradicated quickly.

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